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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Digital Signature Mart :: Get Digital Signature Certificates In India

Digital signature certificate (DSC) is basically an electronic signature certificate which contains all the information encrypted inside it, it has major advantage for online process, authentication will be done automatically and save your timing, cost, paper documentation and any other lengthy manual process for authentication. It is 100% safe and convenient to use.

This is an age of internet, each and every type of mechanisms are performed by the computer and internet. Any types work like filing a document is modified to e-filing, signing a document is customized to e-signing, marketing a product is modified to e-marketing and ticketing, tendering is customized to e-ticketing, e-tendering and so on. It could only be possible by the concept of DSC Online. Class 3 digital signature, Class 2 digital signature and DGFT digital signature are the basic type of DSC. All of these DSC are pre-verified, trusted and issued by the government. Using DSC one can take a part in any auction conducting anywhere in India from anyplace, can get a air or railway ticket, signing a document online, and income tax return filing. The work of ministry of corporate affairs, realtors and importers-exporters and so on are made easy and convenient by the DSC. A person using DSC has no need to do so many paper works for any type of transaction or any type of lengthy paper works in a few minute, and can save his time for another works.

Various DSC providers are available in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, calcutta but Digital Signature Mart is one of the best Digital Signature Provider in India. The Digital Signature Mart is offering all types DSC such as Digital Signature Class 1, Digital Signature Class 2, Digital Signature Class 3, and Digital Signature for DGFT for Import & Expert with a best price for its customers. One can get a DSC services for a time period validity of 2 Years at online service provider of Digital Signature Mart.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Digital Signature Certificates Class 3 For e-Tendering, e-Procurement, And e-Bidding

digital signature certificates Class 3 are issued to Individual or organization for various purposes. Digital signature Certificates Class 3 for individuals is personal certificate that provides highest level of assurance within the RCAI hierarchy setup by CCA ( Controller of Certifying Authorities) in India which is mainly used for e-tendering, e-procurement, and e-bidding.

To participate in the e-tendering process, every vendor is required to use a Digital Signature Certificate Class 3. Digital Signature Certificate Class 3 are issued to individuals, organizations and devices and applicable for personal and commercial use. Typically, they are used for Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), internet banking/broking.

Digital Signature Certificate Class 3 can be used for the following purpose: MCA 21 E-Filling, Income Tax Return Filling, Sign Adobe PDF Document, Sign Microsoft Word Document, Sign Microsoft Excel Document, IRCTC Ticket Booking, E-tendering, DGFT Form Filling, Internet Banking, Organization & Large Corporates.

If you are looking Digital Signature Provider in India offering Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates at best price. e- Digital Signature providing All Types of Digital Signature Certificates At Lowest Rates, For more information you can Visit our website Digital Signature Mart .

What Is Digital Signature & Where can I get a digital signature?

A Digital Signature Certificate - DSC, like hand written signature, establishes the identity of the sender filing the documents through internet which sender cannot revoke or deny. Accordingly, DSC is a digital equivalent of a hand written signature which has an extra data attached electronically to any message or a document. DSC is the digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates. For examples of physical certificates are DL, passports or membership cards. Certificates serve as proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; for example, a driver's license identifies someone who can legally drive in a particular country. A Digital Signature Certificate is normally valid for 1 or 2 years, after which it can be renewed.
What is Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate?
Class 3 DSC is the highest level of digital signature in ways of security. Class 3 DSC ensures secure transactions, transparency. Class 3 DSC comes in two validity’s 1 Years and 2 Years. As per Information Technology Act, DSC for Individuals, Companies and Organizations is mandatory to take part or who wish to take part in e-Tendering, e-Procurement, e-Ticketing, IPO, Patent, and Trademark filing process on various websites in India.

Types of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate
Class 3 DSC can be obtained by Individual User or Authorized Individual on behalf of Org / Firm / Company. We categories these types as this: Individual User (Class 3A) & Company user (Class 3B). As per Information Technology Act and legal status, Class 3A / Class 3B DSC can be issued in two certificates: Signing Digital Certificate & Encryption Digital Certificate.

What is Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate?
Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mainly used for e-filing on MCA21 (for ROC) and Income Tax online portals. Other uses include signing a PDF, word or excel file, sign e-mail sent through Outlook etc.

Use of DSC Class 2 - Class 2 DSC for Income Tax e-Filing, for EPFO and for MCA21/ROC e-Filing: e-Filing with Pan Encrypted DSC on the Income Tax e-Filing portal has been made mandatory w.e.f 1st July 2011 for Firms and Individuals whose accounts are required to be audited u/s 44 AB of the Income Tax Act' 1961. For others who do not come under the above category, e-Filing Income Tax returns can be done with Digital Signature Certificates also. If filing is done electronically using digital signature, there is no need to submit a physical copy of the return. Else a physical printed copy of the filled up Form along with the copy of the Provisional Acknowledgement Number of your e-Return has to be submitted. 

Class 2 DSC is used for online submission of transfer claims by Members. Now a member has an option to submit his claim either through his present employer or the previous one. Members can see all such claim requests with ease, verify/correct member details, approve and submit the requests online through this portal. Online submission of claims can be done only with the Digital Signature of the Authorized person of the organization. 

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under the MCA21 program has made e-filing with DSC mandatory. Class 2 DSC (RCAI Class 2) is the minimum standard DSC required for e-filing on the MCA21 portal. All the authorized signatories of company under MCA21 require Class-2 DSC. Similarly any document filed by Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), CWA and TAX PRACTIONERS under MCA21 require Class 2 DSC.

What is Digital Signature Certificates DGFT?
A Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) DSC is required to digitally sign any documents in electronic format or for transactions being performed through a web-browser on the Directorate General of Foreign Trade website or portal. It is mainly used by the EXIM (Exporters & Importers) community registered with the DGFT in India.

Where can I get a digital signature?
The Information Technology Act 2000 provides for use of Digital Signature Certificate on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. Certification Agencies are appointed by the office of the CCA under the provisions of IT Act 2000. Digital Signature Mart is one of the Best Digital Signature Certificates Agency in India authorized by the e-Mudhra & Capricorn to issue the Digital Signature Certificates.

Friday, 31 October 2014

New Docker Engine

Docker has released a new version, Docker Engine 1.3, and has signed a partnership with Microsoft to add the open container technology to the next Windows Server and Azure.

Docker is an open platform that you can use to build, ship, and run distributed applications. It provides a way of using containers, essentially lightweight virtual environments that sit on top of an operating system instance, and let you run an isolated app. The advantage Docker offers is that you can run the same app on different hardware and operating systems.

It consists of the runtime and packaging tool, Docker Engine, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows. Until now it has been only available for Linux-based applications.

The Microsoft agreement means Docker Engine will work with the next release of Windows Server, and Docker Hub will integrate directly into Microsoft Azure. Microsoft will now support Docker’s open orchestration APIs, and the companies will collaborate on the multi-Docker container model.

Ben Golub, Docker's CEO says the team has been making significant progress towards enabling multi-container, distributed applications in the past few months, and have also been making progress on other critical capabilities for orchestration including provisioning and managing Docker hosts, creating clusters of Docker hosts, and inter-Docker container networking.

The two companies plan to work with infrastructure tools for multi-container applications like Kubernetes, Mesos, and Helios to provide a uniform Docker interface that provides developers with multi-platform orchestration capabilities making use of Dockerized content from both Linux and Windows.

One thing that’s not clear is the effect this will have on Microsoft Drawbridge, a research project that Microsoft has been working on to provide virtualization for application sandboxing.

Meanwhile, Docker Engine 1.3 has digital signature verification of repos, the ability to spawn a new process inside your Docker container, tuning of container lifecyles, and new security options.

The Digital Signature Verification means the Docker Engine will automatically verify all official repos using digital signatures.
Read more.. http://www.i-programmer.info/news/90-tools/7912-new-docker-engine.html

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Coming soon: Tamper-proof e-passports to speed up travel

PUNE: The passport division of the ministry of external affairs has initiated the process for the public roll-out of new-age e-passports. The technology will make the document more secure and also substantially reduce the time required by the holder for immigration.

While the look and feel of the passport will remain largely as it is now, an electronic chip, containing identidfication data, will be embedded in its back cover. The necessary procurements have been initiated by India Security Press, Nashik, and the actual change-over to the next-generation passport is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2016.

The e-passport would contain all the data currently given on the second page of the paper-only passports, including photograph, personal and biological data (finger-prints), besides the country's digital signature used to validate the genuineness of the document. The chip can be sealed only once with the signature of the Passport Issuing Authority (PIA), thus making these e-passports virtually tamper-proof.

Read more ... http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Coming-soon-Tamper-proof-e-passports-to-speed-up-travel/articleshow/44787302.cms

SignEasy App Review: Signing Documents Made Easy

If you've ever had to sign a stack of documents, you know it's a tedious process that will make anyone shudder. The only thing that's worse than having to sign 20 sheets of a single document, is having to first print out the document, then sign every page, and then scan it back in to send on email. With more and more services now accepting digital signatures, this is getting even more pointless.

SignEasy is a universal iOS app (the same version works on iPad and iPhone) that lets you sign documents without having to print them. These electronic signatures are now accepted by a number of government offices in India; for example, you can do this to file your IT returns.

SignEasy has been around for a while and a recent update brought support for iOS 8 and Touch ID (fingerprint scanner), which means that you can authenticate your signatures using your fingerprint. Before you do that, the first step is to add your signature to the app.

First, tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the top-left and select Signature & Initials. Now tap Add Signature to get started. You can draw your signature using your fingers or a stylus (whichever you prefer). Hitting another button confirms the signature. You can also draw your initials in a separate tab in the same menu.

There's an undo button, so you can take your time and get this right. The signature can be red, black, or blue, in case there are any rules you need to follow about the colour of the signature.

Once your signature is saved, you can easily add it to documents simply by verifying your thumbprint. The app itself has a pleasant looking blue-white theme, and stored documents are colour coded for easy recognition - original documents have a black icon, drafts are light red, and signed documents are green.

The app lets you import documents (it supports PDF, Word, Excel, Text, Open Office, HTML, Apple Pages, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP formats) from your photo library, email, and from popular cloud storage services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Once imported, the documents show up in the app's main screen. Tap any document to open it and tap the big blue button at the bottom and tap signatures to select your signature.

Up to three people can sign any document using this app, which is very convenient in case you have documents that require witnesses' signatures. Witnesses signatures can be saved, but only for the document you've got open - they aren't saved once you seal the document.

You can choose to pick your saved signature or have up to two others draw their signatures. As a security precaution, signatures are only stored locally on your devices, and not on SignEasy's servers. This does mean that your saved signature can't travel between handsets, but that is a minor inconvenience when compared to the added security. Signed documents are stored on the cloud though. The app also lets you add initials, today's date, custom text, checkmarks and images to the document. That makes the app pretty useful for filing up digital forms as well.
Read more... http://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/reviews/signeasy-app-review-signing-documents-made-easy-613390

PM should cancel proposed meeting with Mark Zuckerberg, says Govindacharya

Ahead of the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to India this week, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh member K. N. Govindacharya has written a letter addressed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting him to cancel his proposed meeting with the Facebook CEO.

Govindacharya is fighting a case in the Delhi High Court asking companies like Facebook, Google to establish their servers India, and on business practices of these companies in the country.

Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly visiting India this week “to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and take part in a summit to find ways to get more people online–and probably signed up for his website,” according to WallStreetJournal.

Govindacharya alleges that social media companies like Facebook use ‘illegal business practices’ in India, which should be addressed by the Indian government.  He requests PM not only to cancel his proposed meeting, but also to ensure that facebook fulfills legal requirements in India before any agreement of Indian government with Facebook.

DailyBhaskar has a copy of this letter addressed to PM with a copy marked to the National Security Adviser in the current government requesting PM Modi to take action on preventing data going outside India in wake of national security and covering companies like Facebook in the tax ambit.

Please note that in the case W.P.(C) 3672/2012 and CM Nos. 7709/12, 12197/12, 6888/13, K.N. Govindacharya Vs Union of India, the court in an order dated 30 October 2013 said an email policy has to be finalized and allowed "some more time to consult all Ministries before an proper E-mail Policy is finally put in place."

This is important since the Google mail generally used to share documents routs the emails through its servers based outside India, raising security concerns. READ: India's own Email Network to expand to 5 million govt. employees by March 2015

This week he also raised concerns related to the deal with Japanese city of Kyoto to develop Lok Sabha constituency of Varanasi. He told to the Economic Times “comparing the two cities is not proper as they are very different in nature. This is where the direction of Kashi's development itself has gone wrong.”

Here are some of the important issues related to Facebook, Govindacharya lists out in his letter to the PM.

1. Not paying taxes worth thousand crores

Facebook has more than 10 crore users in India, which makes it, the social network’s second biggest market in the world. Conservative estimates indicate that Facebook is not paying taxes to the Indian government worth 120 crores.

According to this letter, Govindacharya claims that the UPA Government filed an affidavit on the 10th May 2013 in the court in which it said that the service tax should be collected from the Indian users. But in this direction an action is yet to be taken by the Service Tax Office under the Finance Ministry in India.

Though the Modi government announced Finance Bill 2014 extending the fabric of taxation to Internet companies too, in an affidavit filed on 17th September 2014, Facebook and few other companies have been given a clean chit on this. (Please note that under the Finance Bill 2014, Sale of Space or time on online, mobile ads- Earlier service tax was applicable on only broadcast media. Now service tax will be levied on advertisements on Internet and mobile, according to TaxGuru. Also refer to this letter on changes in Union Budget 2014-2015)

He mentions that based on his request to stop huge amount of use of black money and getting social networks in the ambit of Representation of People Act in October 2013, The Election Commission issued instructions with respect to use of Social Media in Election Campaigning. Read the instructions issued on 25 October 2013 here.

He further raises the concern that Finance Ministry is yet to take steps in the direction to control the flow and exchange of foreign funds.

Govindacharya requests PM to take strict action in the matter.

2. Questioning the basis of Mark Zuckerberg’s India visit

The second important issue raised by the former Sangh ideologue is the related to the Grievance Officer appointed by Facebook, for India. Note that the Grievance officer is located in Ireland.

He points out that according to the affidavit filed by Facebook in the High Court of Delhi, Facebook Inc. is based in US and it does not have any office, representative, or business activities in India, and hence it is not eligible to file any kind of service taxes in India.

Facebook India, which is the company based in India, also says it is a separate entity not related to Facebook Inc. US - it is not a representative of the US based Facebook neither is the India office the office of Facebook Inc. US.

On this basis Govindacharya questions about who is organizing Facebook CEO’s visit in India and which company will implement Facebook’s support to the government on government initiatives.

Please note that in July this year Facebook Chief Operating Officer (COO) visited India and met PM Modi and Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister for Communications & Information Technology and Law and Justice. After a meeting with Sandberg the Minister Shankar Prasad posted, “Prime Minister also wants #Facebook to play greater role in running a nationwide awareness campaign for cleanliness and promoting peace in region,” on his Facebook page.

Govindacharya questions, “if people from Facebook India can organize the visit of Facebook CEO in India, why under Indian laws a Grievance Officer has been appointed in Ireland?"

According to Govindacharya, thousands of young women and children are becoming victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, drugs, rave parties via the social networks. He requests that Internet companies should be asked to appoint Grievance Officers in India.

3. Why is there a need of e-signature for filing a complaint?

Next issue raised in this letter is the matter related to the need of e-signatures when sending a complaint to Facebook. While Facebook does not require a user to sigh in using e-signature for a free Facebook account, why is there a need to sign a complaint using e-signatures in case a user wants to lodge a complaint with the social network.

Facebook does not allow children below 13 years of age to open an account on the social network, but it does allow above this age limit to open an account. For children between the age of 13 years and 18 years, filing a complaint via email is impossible since in India digital signature could be awarded to people who are above the age of 18 years.

"Please note that Indian law do not permit to us to contract with a minor person (minor is a person who has not completed 18 years of age)" e-Mundra says about issung digital signatures in India. Look at the e-mudhra terms of service page which is a licensed Certifying Authority under the Information Technology Act of India. In India Digital Signature Certificates are issued by the Controller of Certifying Authority and authenticates identity electronically of a person.

Govindacharya points out that facebook is violating the rights of a child to file a complaint with this mandatory provision.

Read more... http://daily.bhaskar.com/news/GAD-govindacharya-writes-to-pm-modi-about-mark-zuckerberg-proposed-meeting-with-pm-4769635-NOR.html